“The Google data archive you started on December 31, 2018 is ready. It contains your Android Device Configuration Service, Blogger, Bookmarks, Calendar, Chrome, Classic Sites, Classroom, Cloud Print, Contacts, Data Shared For Research, Drive, Fit, G Suite Marketplace, Google Help Communities, Google My Business, Google Pay, Google Photos, Google Play Books, Google Play Console, Google Play Games Services, Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Store, Google Shopping, Google+ +1s on websites, …

… Google+ Circles, Google+ Communities, Google+ Stream, Groups, Handsfree, Hangouts, Hangouts on Air, Home App, Input Tools, Keep, Location History, Mail, Maps, Maps (your places), My Activity, My Maps, News, Posts on Google, Profile, Purchases & Reservations, Reminders, Saved, Search Contributions, Street View, Tasks, Textcube, Voice, and YouTube data.”

And that’s just Google. Not what Alphabet, Inc. has on me. No data they bought from brokers. No derived data.


And this was the final archive (~17GB), which I downloaded before deleting my account.

Is this Google drive or data from other sources?

@jlhertel Looks like ~14GB is YouTube (uploaded videos), ~3GB is mail, and about 240MB from drive. The most “interesting” stuff is in the data in the low MB/KB files. Purchases/reservations, for example, has a list of all my purchases up to ~2013 (when I was using Gmail) that had receipts sent to Gmail.

Afaik, that’s the only derived data I could find. Google has tons more, of course, and it would be interesting to see if all that gets deleted too.

I've recently discovered all my purchases whose receipt had been sent to my Gmail account were displayed in the "Payment and Billing" section of my Google account, with no possibility of deleting them. Made me fume.

@hypolite @aral I suppose "derived data" was the next logical step, if you're scanning the mail anyways, why not scan the invoice information and collect it over time, with no way for the user to control what is scanned/collected. When I stumbled upon the purchases collection under my G account, I was stunned. You can use the free mail account, but ultimately it's a honeytrap for your data. And over the years we've attached our digital lives to it.

I jumped to posteo.de. My mail. My privacy.

@spelk @hypolite @aral
switched to protonmail now a few month ago from hotmail and gmail.
No regrets. I love it


@rmb222 @hypolite @aral I have a protonmail account as my backup mail solution.

A few years ago, I dabbled with a hushmail account as my secondary private account, but at the time they were charging too much for me to go premium. They had a free account system that required you log in every week to keep the box open. Naturally with a backup account, I missed the check-in deadline.

Finding the balance of cost, utility, privacy and ethics led me to posteo.

@spelk and why you dont go main on protonmail if i may ask?
im satisfied with the free solution they offer.
What posteo could offer me more then protonmail?

@rmb222 On my desktops/laptops, I use posteo via Thunderbird with CardDav Addresbook & Calendar sync- as well as via K9Mail+DavDroid on my phone.

I'm not sure if Protonmail is compatible with Thunderbird, and I'd really be using it for encrypted mail through their web interface or phone app instead. I was in the beta, and just kept the free account to use if I needed it.

I went with Posteo, because they gave me all I needed, privacy, no ads, affordable & ethical - green energy etc.

@spelk ah yes youre right thats one thing you have to pay for on protonmail. the SMTP Bridge is the one thing im missing in the free account

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