So, I have a very old Dell Mini 9 netbook, currently with v. old Lite on it - and I figure I want to stick something on that is minimal and fast, possibly terminal only. I only want + on it - mainly for note-taking. Now I am a user, maybe pop that on.

So I thought why not have a go at linux!

Trouble is it's i686 CPU, Arch doesn't do that sort of thing anymore.

Anyone know another equally speedy/min distro that does?

I've tentatively given a go. With the XFCE desktop.

It seems to run ok, so far. In fact a little snappier than the old Linux Lite that was on there.

I'm open to all suggestions (thanks for the one so far), because this isn't a desktop situation, more a notetaking platform I can carry about with me.

As long as it does I can continue my journey up that learning curve whilst capturing pertinent notes on the way.

On then linux side i would guess debian or alpine will run quite well with alpine being extremely lightweight but also very minimalistic out of the box. Another option would be one of the BSDs as they also don't need powerfull hardware when used for textmode stuff.

I have #Mageia Linux on my s10-3t Lenovo #netbook.
Your main concern should be RAM and hardware compatibility.
If you could upgrade to 2GB of ram, that would be grade
(people report problems with more than 2GB of ram, in those processors)

@spelk sshfs can be nice for swapping data on remote machines, such as storing notes. Unison also works nice with that.

Wgetpaste can post your notes on line, and tootstream lets you toot them.

Rmarkdown lets you write millions of tiny notes and compile the ones you like into nice PDFs, webpages, or whatever.

@spelk I use Void for the same purpose on an old Dell as well. Just Emacs and basic browsing. I've tried some lightweight distros but Void seems the one that has it running the fastest.

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