Not a tradtional , but an style deck builder convoy troops survival narrative .

It's got a distinctive art style, perfect for the setting.

Be the leader who rallies, aids & commands your band of outcasts & misfits and who makes the pathing & narrative decisions on your perilous journey.

Just released on , hope it makes it to the consoles too.

Thoroughly enjoyed this romp through 10 minutes of short .

Even the budget combat sequence has me hankering after more about this world..

by the end of it, I wanted to go with her into the net...

and the robot rave owner is called "Gibson!"

This mornings pick-you-up motivator is a corking shot of neon juice mainlined to the cerebral cortex to catalyse some enthusiastic toe-tapping codework.

To all cyborgs and wanna-bes - I present to you tasting some "Cold Steel".

This is a good one, on red team physical , doors, guards, windows, locks, uniforms, access cards etc.

Had me thoroughly gripped listening to the exploits of the red team.

Had me checking my server room ceiling space soon after.

Like a good mission without the bloodshed. :)

This hit early access today & it thoroughly has my attention now..

Conglomerate 451

A where you manage a team of runners (in the shadows) and you explore cityscapes and cyberdungeons with suitably satisfying turn based combat.

Procedurally generated & permadeath penalties, could deliver endless hours of cyberaction.

Also including is a shit-kicking sound backdrop.

Been listening to a playthrough called recently am about half way through Season 1 & the characters have backstory summaries & the action is often frantic, full of comedy & sweary.

Good drek chummers!

The epsiodes are short enough not to get bogged down in roll by roll issues, so the story flows quite well & the characters personalities start to show through.

This cold war agent managament seems to tick a lot of boxes in using a crack squad of agents to influence the development of new weapons, or disrupting the infrastructure and flow of information in the neon cyberwar of the near future..

It is in early access now

Finished Brian Parker's noir detective "The Immorality Clause" & I must say it's easy going "Sam Spade" style narrative had me hooked as it believably interfaced with AI, AR and robot ethics admidst murders in pleasure droid/sexbot parlours.

It's earthy and gritty but deals with the whole spectrum of 'droid servitude, sex, sentience & companionship. It gives a fuller breadth to the future of our interaction with the machines.

Heres a better review:

I might be keen on this upcoming Conglomerate 451. Here is an overview from Turn Based Lovers.

If there is one right way to introduce a character into a line-up in a it's to have them sing at their concert, be interrupted by cyber police & then have them fight using their sonic skills.

Meet Lauren from

After Lauren's entrance, I knew I was totally hooked on this . It's hand-crafted 16-bit presentation. It's -fi espionage setting. Unique turn based mechanics. And the music.

It's available on

I like , I can't help myself. Hack & slash, but with an overarching strategic objective in mind.

So is juicing that up to the max! Really enjoy the characters from faux history & their specials - including the big OTT FMV sequence once you juice up your musou bars.

I also like how you the player are a on the field of battle, sending out code buffs to the main warrior avatar & you need protecting by them.

cool as...

A epic point & click adventure musically backed (and story written by) MASTER BOOT RECORD.

and I quote its blurb..

"Travelling around the world, he'll have to walk across hardware graveyards, deal with digital archeology, tribes of cryptoshamans, and virtual reality debauchery."

Everything about it has me lathered up, salivating and expectant.

Almost finished the first in the SINless series of - Necrotech.

I went in to it with some in-trepidation because the premise of cyber zombies seems a bit derivative.. I liked the in-your-face writing style. Brutal & honest. These "runners of the shadows", who over-pimp out their biology with tech, & finally lose control seemed a much cooler prospect than just run of the mill normal brains eating zombies.

Characters & combat action is top notch.

Another in development is Jack Move. There is a playable demo for Windows and Mac.

Early video of gameplay demonstration for Neon District a with turn based combat. Looks like something I'd be very keen on.

If you can believe it, I'm still playing the Anarchy Online to chill out to, nearly 18 years after it's release.

Cut my teeth on EverQuest & Dark Age of Camelot, but AO (as buggy as it was on release) is the kind of -fi / future I always wanted to be a part of. Mining for Notum. Shooting the drones. Twirling laser swords in the Shadowlands. Ahhh them were the days..

Invisible Inc will have to be a surrogate game on the current gen of consoles.

I mean one of the agents is called Decker.

If you then Steam has a sale on today for the complete Harebrained Schemes collection.

If you can stomach Steam, that is.

I'm drenched in Fever.

Hong Kong is about to climax, I'm sniffing around the tabletop books purely for lore & imagery excitement.

I've been dabbling in Dragonfall, just to try out some builds.

I need Harebrained Schemes to pick up where Cliffhanger failed with Boston Chronicles & just do a proper multiplayer Shadowrun.

I guess I can sink into some of the workshop content, but I'm going to need more action.

The NA cannot satiate 4ever

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