Not a tradtional , but an style deck builder convoy troops survival narrative .

It's got a distinctive art style, perfect for the setting.

Be the leader who rallies, aids & commands your band of outcasts & misfits and who makes the pathing & narrative decisions on your perilous journey.

Just released on , hope it makes it to the consoles too.

On for now but in development for the in early access has just added its third chapter to the experience.

It's kind of an ATB-gauge battle with aspirations on the scale.

It's certainly got the look..

Yep, I'll buy it again, only this time remastered & my squinty eyes & fat sausage fingers can have a well deserved rest from trying to use the tiny .

The Alliance Alive Remaster.

reveals its impressions on a real treat of setting, story & narrative with pauseable real-time action orientated tactical combat Masquerada: Songs & Shadows.

The reviewer doesn't seem to mention the fact that you can pause the action, plan out the moves for you and your AI companions and then watch your tactical plans come to life.

It can be played purely in realtime but there is a lot going on.

Playing on X1 at the moment & my Gold subs is about to expire & I don't want to renew - but I'm concerned my 360 cloud saves where my save files are stored will go up in a cloud of vapour.

Anyone know whether a Xbox silver account keeps its 360 cloud saves safe?

In the meantime have some Butterbuns chatter about the ..

I'm keen for it now, but there is a wait, I tried to go back & play it, but I'm not sure I have the stamina - so I'm back in enjoying Lightning's company again.

Also, looking forward to giving remaster a spin.

Here is a fan made hype vid (reddit /u/dopeturtle1) just to keep our appetites whet!

I've a dirty secret, I'm a junkie. And the new has me digging deep into the

2+Tough on the YT does a very good introduction

I bought the physical core rules book, to read the lore & look at the pictures.

I hope they flesh out Chaosbane a bit more, but if nothing else the diablo-a-like has plunged me into another Universe of escapism.

Ok, this has me all excited in a fresh new way, artistic possibly that spans past, present and future.. let me tell you where I am, I'm in!

Been giving another run and it stands up very well as a balls out neon boomfest with a surprising amount of co-operative tactical cohesion between the three classes (tank/ninja/biohealer).

It's housemarque's with twin stick shooter aesthetics. Solid loot & upgrade process with a resource fuelled re-roll stats feature that is well worth burning your stuff on to put the edge on your weaponry.

Wins out over & for me.

This hit early access today & it thoroughly has my attention now..

Conglomerate 451

A where you manage a team of runners (in the shadows) and you explore cityscapes and cyberdungeons with suitably satisfying turn based combat.

Procedurally generated & permadeath penalties, could deliver endless hours of cyberaction.

Also including is a shit-kicking sound backdrop.

Just finished my playthrough of on the

Really enjoyed it. If you like immersive coupled with technicalities, this is the one for you.

It strikes the right tone because you are an integral part of the progression with the other character, you're not just observing & listening to a audio log of the story, you are part of the story & the "puzzles" are believable near future technical skills than totally contrived ones.

Out on the is an excellent tactical RPG, thoughtful pausable real-time combat and a deep story of a late renaissance-ish style period (with magical powers bestowed by masks).. behold Masquerada: Songs and Shadows!

Here is a good review of the game from

And the is amazing from composer

Dragon Age Inquisition Digital Deluxe Edition seems to be going for a song on for the at the moment at 3.99GBP.

It's a game I come back to, because I can explore the single player story & character building options, but also the multiplayer wasn't a bad customisable dungeon crawler with about 18 unique classes with tailored skill trees & weapons to build and modify.

Playing on today, if you like 's like its a pretty modern western interpretation - nice artwork too - has been out on PC for a while

The next from the developers of Iam Setsuna and The Lost Sphear is and their recent character trailer has me sucked in. Yes, yes, I'll buy another one.

was an amazingly tense zombie escape title. Using only limited equipment, you have to rescue as many civilians as possible from the horde, using a top down street level view of the apocalypse.

It has a desperate difficulty curve, unless you make your emergency response decisions wisely on the strategic map.

Not only do you have to manage the zombie flow, you have to get the people out!

One of finest.

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