Out on the is an excellent tactical RPG, thoughtful pausable real-time combat and a deep story of a late renaissance-ish style period (with magical powers bestowed by masks).. behold Masquerada: Songs and Shadows!

Here is a good review of the game from


And the is amazing from composer

Dragon Age Inquisition Digital Deluxe Edition seems to be going for a song on for the at the moment at 3.99GBP.

It's a game I come back to, because I can explore the single player story & character building options, but also the multiplayer wasn't a bad customisable dungeon crawler with about 18 unique classes with tailored skill trees & weapons to build and modify.

Playing on today, if you like 's like its a pretty modern western interpretation - nice artwork too - has been out on PC for a while


The next from the developers of Iam Setsuna and The Lost Sphear is and their recent character trailer has me sucked in. Yes, yes, I'll buy another one.


was an amazingly tense zombie escape title. Using only limited equipment, you have to rescue as many civilians as possible from the horde, using a top down street level view of the apocalypse.


It has a desperate difficulty curve, unless you make your emergency response decisions wisely on the strategic map.

Not only do you have to manage the zombie flow, you have to get the people out!

One of finest.

Really jazzed for Eidolons: Netherflame - here is an in-depth interview with dev Alexander Kamen by Turn Based Lovers.


"Eidolons is a dark tactical RPG in open-world with a roguelike/darksouls feel."

Inspiration from Disciples II, Planescape Torment & Arcanum.

This cold war agent managament seems to tick a lot of boxes in using a crack squad of agents to influence the development of new weapons, or disrupting the infrastructure and flow of information in the neon cyberwar of the near future..

It is in early access now


On @HexDSL recommendation, I sunk a few hours into resource gathering crafting expansionist

I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did, it's like a whirlwind of harvesting production management with xp/skill progression to open up new options to bring into the manufacturing engine.

Mine, refine and forge enough gold to buy up nearby landmasses & build wooden bridges to expand and explore.


There is always something on the top of your to make list.

Disappointed last night, because the excitement for was quickly dissipated when their servers couldn't cope with the load of new players.

So an evening of zombie slaying with mates turned into a quick offline solo session & an early night.

By now there HAS to be a model of optimum allocation to cater for expected users (especially with pre-orders) adjusted for timezone effects, so that launch can be smooth-ish.

Once rolling, tailor server numbers based on mandatory tracking.

Octopath Traveller is coming to the PC platform!

June 7th.

Now the octolove can spread wider than the Switchheads. Yay!

Generation Zero has a lot of bad press, it''s being judged harsh because a small dev team used a few cookie cutter houses. In a detailed sprawling atmospheric Swedish landscape where you get to survive the robot apocalypse by scavenging ammo, bullets and health packs as best you can. The AI hunt & attack patterns really add to the tension & immersion in this bleak future (in the late 1980's).

Do it co-op with friends. Or don't do it at all IMHO. It's brill!


I might be keen on this upcoming Conglomerate 451. Here is an overview from Turn Based Lovers.


If you like space simulation games, then Objects in Space (OiS) might be your thing. Actually pilot a trader vessel running contracts avoiding pirates, doing bounties.

Brian Rubin on the Space Game Junkie has an episode interviewing Elissa Harris the coder on OiS & they go deep into its development and future.


Worth a listen if you like your space games to be like submarine sims, using 90's style tech.

If there is one right way to introduce a character into a line-up in a it's to have them sing at their concert, be interrupted by cyber police & then have them fight using their sonic skills.

Meet Lauren from


After Lauren's entrance, I knew I was totally hooked on this . It's hand-crafted 16-bit presentation. It's -fi espionage setting. Unique turn based mechanics. And the music.

It's available on

I like , I can't help myself. Hack & slash, but with an overarching strategic objective in mind.

So is juicing that up to the max! Really enjoy the characters from faux history & their specials - including the big OTT FMV sequence once you juice up your musou bars.

I also like how you the player are a on the field of battle, sending out code buffs to the main warrior avatar & you need protecting by them.


cool as...

A epic point & click adventure musically backed (and story written by) MASTER BOOT RECORD.

and I quote its blurb..

"Travelling around the world, he'll have to walk across hardware graveyards, deal with digital archeology, tribes of cryptoshamans, and virtual reality debauchery."

Everything about it has me lathered up, salivating and expectant.


Oooh looky here, is coming to the masses via KitFoxGames on itch.io and Steam. But now with graphics and music! Same game under the hood, but much more accessible with optional ASCII mode for purists.


Walk away from the struggles of setting up the LazyNewbPack and just take part in the procedurally generated narrative.

Really excited by this development.

Oh, I see Black Desert Online is now on the .

I might have to give this a run through on a console, since I've caned , , , and .

It looks very sweet as pure eye candy.


The 2019 7 Day Roguelike Challenge is almost over and you can see some of the 85+ entries here


If you like that's a hell of a lot of titles to try out, & sample some of the newest ideas and freshest developers "having a go" in the genre.

Worth a look-see, even if roguelike games are not traditionally your bag baby. They're all free to explore.

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