The next from the developers of Iam Setsuna and The Lost Sphear is and their recent character trailer has me sucked in. Yes, yes, I'll buy another one.

Octopath Traveller is coming to the PC platform!

June 7th.

Now the octolove can spread wider than the Switchheads. Yay!

If there is one right way to introduce a character into a line-up in a it's to have them sing at their concert, be interrupted by cyber police & then have them fight using their sonic skills.

Meet Lauren from

After Lauren's entrance, I knew I was totally hooked on this . It's hand-crafted 16-bit presentation. It's -fi espionage setting. Unique turn based mechanics. And the music.

It's available on

I like , I can't help myself. Hack & slash, but with an overarching strategic objective in mind.

So is juicing that up to the max! Really enjoy the characters from faux history & their specials - including the big OTT FMV sequence once you juice up your musou bars.

I also like how you the player are a on the field of battle, sending out code buffs to the main warrior avatar & you need protecting by them.

Another in development is Jack Move. There is a playable demo for Windows and Mac.

An indie title landed on the yesterday that tries its best to massage a nostalgia for PS1 era games but with a more modern spin. Revisiting the past but with the trappings of now.

That game is Legrand Legacy & here is a review by Joe, The Alternative Gamer that should give you an idea of the breadth of the .

It's been out on PC platforms for a while now, hopefully it will settle in to consoles well.

The Reptile House

A dark place for a dark future.