Is there a that does Linux discussion but framed within a & context?

I reckon, with the minimum of fuss you can use to manage a database setup (even relational) from the command line.

I'm amazed at the power you have with piping a few tools (csvcut,csvjoin,csvgrep) with tailored options to massage, query and output the data in a tabled view (csvlook) in your terminal.

Well impressed.

I was investigating AWK for the same functionality, but this suite of tools seems much easier to jump in with right away.

question - I have electron application syncs to my cloud account. It connects as fuse mount.

I run MXLinux18 with XFCE desktop. Thunar file manager takes up to a minute to respond when pCloud is active. If I kill pCloud Thunar is snappy again.

SpaceFM file manager is ok regardless of pCloud.

But Thunar is default to all file open/save ops, so the delay issue is problematic.

Anyone guess at what Thunar is choking on for so long when pCloud app is loaded?

As starts nudging the door open, making more Windows on possible - out comes another competitive linux-averse store, like that starts gobbling up a number of exclusives & nudging the door closed again.

Ah well, I've got too many games anyways. :)

I've managed to get my posteo caldav calendar in sync with & - it's real handy to have a command line view, a searchable mechanism & an interactive mode to mooch about in.

But, I have two calendars & I can't work out how to get virdirsyncer how to work with two calendars from the same provider..

Luckily khal itself has options for multiple calendar accounts but virdirsyncer has me foxed.

I may have found a terminal based file manager that I can get on with. It may be the Last File Manager I need. Maybe.

I've tentatively given a go. With the XFCE desktop.

It seems to run ok, so far. In fact a little snappier than the old Linux Lite that was on there.

I'm open to all suggestions (thanks for the one so far), because this isn't a desktop situation, more a notetaking platform I can carry about with me.

As long as it does I can continue my journey up that learning curve whilst capturing pertinent notes on the way.

So, I have a very old Dell Mini 9 netbook, currently with v. old Lite on it - and I figure I want to stick something on that is minimal and fast, possibly terminal only. I only want + on it - mainly for note-taking. Now I am a user, maybe pop that on.

So I thought why not have a go at linux!

Trouble is it's i686 CPU, Arch doesn't do that sort of thing anymore.

Anyone know another equally speedy/min distro that does?

clipboard script keyboard shortcut question? 

I've been lured into the stars once again, now caring about certain Objects in Space - a low res "modempunk" , where you spend most of your time on control panels, actually pressing the buttons & making the plans/fixing the equipment as you try to make your way as a trader, hauler, bounty hunter or whatever else takes your fancy.

Luckily, it seems to work fine under Steam Play & for .

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