Not a tradtional , but an style deck builder convoy troops survival narrative .

It's got a distinctive art style, perfect for the setting.

Be the leader who rallies, aids & commands your band of outcasts & misfits and who makes the pathing & narrative decisions on your perilous journey.

Just released on , hope it makes it to the consoles too.

Really jazzed for Eidolons: Netherflame - here is an in-depth interview with dev Alexander Kamen by Turn Based Lovers.

"Eidolons is a dark tactical RPG in open-world with a roguelike/darksouls feel."

Inspiration from Disciples II, Planescape Torment & Arcanum.

The future of laid out for all to see..

Introducing a microtransaction known only as "pay2die".

and I quote:

"I don't like pay2win. I really really don't. So instead of doing pay2win, I've decided to add a pay2die system instead!"

"If you think your character is too strong, that nothing can kill you... just buy this option and get a few level 500 god-level horrors randbosses summoned on you! Death is guaranteed!"

Oooh looky here, is coming to the masses via KitFoxGames on and Steam. But now with graphics and music! Same game under the hood, but much more accessible with optional ASCII mode for purists.

Walk away from the struggles of setting up the LazyNewbPack and just take part in the procedurally generated narrative.

Really excited by this development.

The 2019 7 Day Roguelike Challenge is almost over and you can see some of the 85+ entries here

If you like that's a hell of a lot of titles to try out, & sample some of the newest ideas and freshest developers "having a go" in the genre.

Worth a look-see, even if roguelike games are not traditionally your bag baby. They're all free to explore.

This years (7-Day challenge) kicked off today (hosted on, keep up with any developments or participate!

Often wild and envelope pushing roguelikes begin their life as 7drl entries.. just ask and many more..

Next week you'll be able to play most of the candidates for free and see the panel assessments & winners!

The most furious annually held week of Roguelike development has just begun!

If you've just started your journey playing a 16-bit on the , then Nintygamer have written up an beginners guide that should come in handy.

I've played it on PC, but had to get the Switch version to see how well it translated to the console. Tis good.

16-bit has just announced that it will come to the platform on the 31st January! Woohoo!

If you're a fan of retro pixel RPG's, turn based tactical combat, and some cool character builds & lootsies - this is worth the effort.

I've followed the game since its birth, encouraged partly by the dev of roguelike Dungeonmans, and it truly spans the genre but keeps the comfort of good dungeon crawling. Tend your tangled garden!

The 7 Day Roguelike () challenge warms up for 2019!

See & play, a weeks worth of cutting edge, envelope pushing, games emerge like struggling flora in a dusty old wasteland of gaming ideas, & watch in awe & wonder when some of them take hold and blossom into full blown games that reinforce & expand the whole genre into another dimension.

In other words, an RL gamedev jam worth keeping an eye on first week of March this year. Hosted on! Join in!

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