@drwho Oh yes little crows! Opti!

But I'm playing catch up with several sessions from different Shadowrun podcasts (some of which have stopped actively adding content).

Violent Life
Mana & Steel
Critical Glitch
Sixth World
Shadowrun Origins

The Arcology podcast is my main listen - but happily distracted with Drek Happens at the moment.

I think most are on the Shadowrunners podcast network & cross-overs happen a lot.

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Been listening to a playthrough called recently am about half way through Season 1 & the characters have backstory summaries & the action is often frantic, full of comedy & sweary.

Good drek chummers!


The epsiodes are short enough not to get bogged down in roll by roll issues, so the story flows quite well & the characters personalities start to show through.

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The mood flowing through me..

"Through the cables and the underground now...."

"Too much contact, no more feeling"

The Body Electric...

The Sisters of Mercy..


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People who can't distinguish between etymology and entomology bug me in ways I cannot put into words.
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Did you ever wonder which software was eating so much bandwidth on a host? Well, you can resort on Wireshark to investigate the problem. But if you just want to find the culprit, there are simpler solutions:

"3 Simple, Excellent Linux Network Monitors" by Carla Schroder. linux.com/learn/intro-to-linux

#Network #Bandwidth #Monitoring

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These digital magicians are "reshaping the fabric of our society" & not necessarily in our best interest..

A one on one discussion about what's happening and how can we rethink it and campaign for change. I enjoy Tristan's clarity about how our attention is finite and currently the resource big tech is competing for.


Centre for Humane Technology

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I thought I would share this 1-bit tile-set by KenneyNL over on bird-site.

It's a CC0 licensed #gameassets pack containing 1,024 tiles/items/characters. I love its aesthetics and _will_ be making some things with it.


#gamedev #pixelart #1bit
An example of the 1-bit tileset…
A top down representation of a …
An example of the set used to b…
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🐧 New version & Review: Cursed Pl@tformer v1.5
Conclusion: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (excellent!)
✏️ Changelog: samsai.itch.io/cursed-platform

πŸ“• Summary: A free/libre ASCII art platformer game, where @, our legendary Dungeon Crawlers hero, is on a journey to rescue "&", the Princess kidnapped by Tuthankhascii
🏠 HomePage: samsai.itch.io/cursed-platform
πŸ”§ Dev: gitlab.com/Samsai/linux-game-j
πŸ”– #Linux #freeGame

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πŸŽ‚ It's been one year since switching.social posted its #Introductions, so cake for everyone! 🍰 🍰 🍰 :blobcheer: πŸŽ‰

Wow. On the one hand it seems like just yesterday, but on the other it feels like a *lot* has happened since then.

Thank you for all the suggestions and feedback, and thank you to those who make #Alternatives that give us back our privacy. You are all heroes πŸ‘

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:WeAreNameless:​ Well that was #Hardware everyone. Thanks for watching with us! I hope you enjoyed as much as I did.

Whispering: Thank you @ella_kane for trusting me with this one.

Thanks to @thegibson for hosting us at hackers.town!

See you next time #WeAreNameless

theres not much you cant solve with a cybernetic hand and a shotgun! but drug injecting vampire warbots can give you a good send off.. :)

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