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Like Deus Ex there will be lethal, non-lethal, hacking, stealth, and other solutions to challenges. However Terminus Cyberstar will also have solutions to objectives that are collectivist, involve worker-agitation, protest, employee strike, mass-quitting capitalism and cooperatization, require encouraging / participating in a mass of people peacefully resisting in solidarity.

As opposed to a singular cool Jason Bourne dude with augmented legs and nano-nightvision saving everyone messianically.

Forgive the hellbird linkage, but this currently in development looks like a 2d story driven animated adventure right up my neon dystopian street. I can't find any digital web place for it other than the toxic raptor site.

Since their inspirations are GitS, Akira & Blade Runner, my attention is guaranteed. Plus it looks like it might make it to if their hashtags are anything to go by..

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@spelk @djsundog

Wait, you too?

It's like your practically a state!

TSOM sang about this back in the day... referred to the 52 daughters of the revolution.

Just played an evening of Neon Chrome co-op share played on the & apart from the top down twin stick shooter tactical wet dream that it provides it has an amazing soundtrack & the coolest adrenalin soaked tactical room clearance & boss nastiness.

It gives you just enough time to think & react with your cyberwares, area attacks, drones, shields and laser mini-guns. Plus the levels are procedurally generated so every run is varied, like .

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Reportedly, in Tokyo, local gangs have started using drones to transport drugs across the city.

In response, the police are using net-carrying drones to try to capture these packets mid-air.

The gangs are counter-attacking with their own net-drones to try and drop police drones.

In a statement with the Tokyo police, they say they "Haven't had this much fun in years"

Ahh go on then, another Shirobon.. The Perfect Machine.

It sits right after Regain Control on the Distant Reality album and neatly gives you a more pacey mechanical ending to the whole project.

I think this departure into is excellent, because Shirobon does quite a bit in the chiptunes department. But my glassy eyed virtual persona is riding the tonal traces through solid fat synth envelopes on this one.

This is my current mood & jam..

Shirobon's Regain Control.

Kind of an anthem for my computing endeavours... putting a myriad of human finger tips onto the controls and config files of all aspects of my digital life, and being able to say I've regained control.

Chill & vocoder combo.

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wow, this is a new one

if you need my “personal data” to pay your staff then you need to find a more ethical fucking business model

The 7 Day Roguelike () challenge warms up for 2019!

See & play, a weeks worth of cutting edge, envelope pushing, games emerge like struggling flora in a dusty old wasteland of gaming ideas, & watch in awe & wonder when some of them take hold and blossom into full blown games that reinforce & expand the whole genre into another dimension.

In other words, an RL gamedev jam worth keeping an eye on first week of March this year. Hosted on! Join in!

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I've set up a Pi-hole at home and holy shit... More than 50% of the queries are blocked!

#Privacy #Pihole

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Isn't it about time we had a proper Shadowrun MMO? (NOT the now defunct Boston Chronicles!)

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My favorite but also sometimes not favorite thing of video games, specifically JRPGs is that you will sometimes be 25 hours into a game and a tutorial message will pop up introducing a new mechanic you're only just now unlocking. Only 300 more hours to go. #JRPGs #VideoGames #Gaming

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Bruce Sterling. Lecture "The epic struggle of the internet of things" - YouTube

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And just like that, I have moved the last of my Dungeons & Dragons material off of Google Drive. All my gaming relating files are now liberated. Relocated and converted to Open Document formats.

Just some boring personal and professional stuff to move and it's finally over.


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The year starts again with a big #Cyberattack, which reminds us painfully just how important the protection of sensitive data is. Time for technologies that give users complete control over their data and effectively protect their #privacy.

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yeah i understand that. i started when i saw how much data google collect from you.
so i turned off google.
then windows.
started with ubuntu, manjaro etc till i had Debian. was great till i found qubes.
Fell in love right away. ❤️

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